Day 03 Friday, May 11 – Free Day!!

After a very long two days, we rested well last night. Since we decided to not go on the optional tour today, our first “event” was to meet with the group at 8:30 AM to receive our itinerary for tomorrow (Saturday) . Luggage must be outside our room at 7:30, we leave Hotel at 8:00AM our flight departs Lima at 10:40 and arrives in Cusco around Noon. We depart Cusco for the Sacred Valley at 12:30. Lets just hope everything goes according to schedule!


Miraflores Colon Hotel

We have a free day today and elected to walk down to the bluff overlooking the Pacific to the “Lovers Park”. This is a very beautiful, well kept area and sure enough we did see some lovers… Kay, Janet, Carl and I were joined by Patricia and Bill from Iowa. We were the only ones who elected to not do the tour today. Along the way we watched some surfer’s brave the cool water (they were all wearing wetsuits) and just enjoyed the views.


Janet, Kay, Carl, Pat & Bill



Surfer's van




Three Dogs, dressed for a city outing

From there we turned back inland toward Kennedy Park. This park is named for John F. Kennedy, who the Peruvians hold in high esteem.


Bust of JFK in the park

After the park we continued just a few block farther to reach the “Indian Market”. This is a huge market which is several blocks long where a wide variety of handcrafted goods are sold. We visited this market last year on our trip to Peru but did not have enough time to really explore. Today we made our way leisurely through the many stalls. The only purchase made by our group was by me. I bought a beautiful wood intarsia framed picture of Machu Picchu. Intarsia is the art of cutting and combining small pieces of different woods and textures to produce a work of art. The price was an unbelievable $35. The amount of work for something of this detail is incredible.


Indian Market



Intarsia Picture

After the market we came back to the park and had lunch at Cafe de lo Paz, a sidewalk cafe where we enjoyed a very nice lunch. Patricia and Bob continued back to the Hotel since they were meeting some other travelers in their group.



Carl making sure he is sanitized.

We got back to the Hotel at about 2:30. Kay is taking a nap and I believe Carl and Janet are doing the same. I, of course, am writing the blog while enjoying one of the local beers I purchased last night at a Mercado across the street. We plan to meet at 5:00 to walk down to the Miraflores Mall near the coast for dinner. We plan to be back early so we can get our packing done and get a good nights rest.

When we arrive in Cusco tomorrow the transition will be from sea level to 11,000 feet and from 77 degrees to about 60. We want to be ready. Edgar encourages us to have coca tea in the morning and a very light breakfast. He also will supply coca leaves to help avoid altitude sickness. Again, we hope everything goes as planned.

I ask your indulgence as you read my blog. As I pointed out earlier, it is being composed and sent from a tablet not my usual laptop. Editing and formatting are much more difficult and my photos are being posted “raw”, no editing whatsoever. Perhaps I can clean it up a bit when we get back home.

By the way, we are having a great time and our fellow travelers are fun and interesting to be with. Wish you were all here.

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1 Response to Day 03 Friday, May 11 – Free Day!!

  1. speerish says:

    It’s so much fun to read your posts and see your photos. I know you all are having a great time. Tell Kay hi and that we miss her!

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